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Fact about us:

we have signed deals with 4 organizations and 6 companies from Sweden, Germany, Dubai, and India, while working on two of our own startups, We are even registered and currently working as technical development partners for multiple Swedish and german companies

About us

At vilja tech labs we help businesses to define their objectives and provide a clear roadmap with the right solutions.


We initially conduct multiple brainstorming sessions and then design a tailored architecture and then plan a roadmap for each problem as we believe in the uniqueness of the idea.


Our expert team of highly skilled developers can develop any solution from a simple Website to a complex Blockchain technologies by following our innovative steps for bug free development.


Since the start of any project we share a live update through using our in-house built cloud based CRM, while easily delivering projects on time everytime with 100% clients satisfaction.

Who we are

We Bring your Ideas to life, We are a Software development company, who provides the best digital solutions at a competitive price,

Our Unique feature being, we provide live could updates of projects by providing you login details, and by using our custom build CRM software, organizing and monitoring the projects will be as simple as texting a peer or colleague.

Work progress

We have created an outstanding CRM system to face any development communication challanges faced while developing the project.

Look at below section for details

1. Discuss

2. Make

3. Product

Project Flow Features

At vilja tech Labs we have created our own unique CRM system to deliver an error free projects to our clients every single time.

Some of the silent features of our Vilja tech labs project CRM services are mentioned below

Vilja CRM System

We created and crafted our CRM system for a user friendly experience of clients and a smooth flow of project development from starch to end.

Log in

Login into your account from the website or from our app.

Personal Dashboard

A Tailored dashboard to give you all information about the project.

Live update

Get live real time updates of your project via our cloud connected link.

Chat System

In built chat system to discuss about project and comment upon the progress of development.

To-Do List

A to do list to strike off the tasks and to assign new tasks.

Task Assignment

Assignment and monitoring of tasks to every department of development.

Project Timelines

Weekly, monthly and total timelines along with separate timelines for task, sprint and projects.

Booking Meetings

Booking can be done within the app to eliminate any confusion.

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