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we have signed deals with 4 organizations and 6 companies from Sweden, Germany, Dubai, and India, while working on two of our own startups, We are even registered and currently working as technical development partners for multiple Swedish and german companies

Personal Diary & Blog

A Digital diary, portfolio and journal for creative individuals.

Personal Diary & Blog

A personal diary and blog designed in such a way that, the user can publish their content online for general public and can use login details to login and write their own stories for themselves in diary section.


  • Client: Our own Project
  • Country: Sweden, Romania
  • Live: View project

1. Case study

A thought of creating a Diary with public and private journal have fueled the interest and vision for this project, and elements like cloud services and personalization have enhanced the interest.

2. Result

After Thousands of coffees and hundreds of hours with tens of developers, we were successfully able to create this intellectual project with outstanding User experience.

3. Experience

Learned how to expand the horizons of creative thinking, alongside gained experience in UI/UX designing skills while mastering the skills of website development.

Technologies Used


Project in high resolution

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