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we have signed deals with 4 organizations and 6 companies from Sweden, Germany, Dubai, and India, while working on two of our own startups, We are even registered and currently working as technical development partners for multiple Swedish and german companies


A SAAS service for all your large scale industry needs.


AWe have built an entire CRM for a company from scratch as part of their custom requirement. As they belong to a manufacturing & printing industry they have hundreds of direct prod to sell and any customized printing related service based products.


  • Client: Parthu ID Solutions
  • Country: India
  • Collaboration: Poise labs, India.
  • Live: View project

1. Case study

We realised that many large scale industries needed admin level access to control all the modules and for the approval of payments received to the company. They also needed the customer to know the real time status of their customised orders with expected delivery dates & finance level information.

2. Result

The application was developed on time and made the management and their customers very happy as they are using the end to end product seamlessly. 2 years since the product launch and they have processed more than 10,000 orders and with this automation of system we could save 1,50,000 papers.

3. Experience

By building a platform for such a large industry, we have eventually learned how to tackle problems with large collaborations, and also helped us build our own crm system.

Technologies Used


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