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we have signed deals with 4 organizations and 6 companies from Sweden, Germany, Dubai, and India, while working on two of our own startups, We are even registered and currently working as technical development partners for multiple Swedish and german companies

Real Estate IoT App

A webapp for Real Estate in Sweden.

Real Estate IoT App

System for handling opening and closing of doors for properties. The system uses an IoT device connected to the door that is controlled via the internet. This can then be communicated with the help of a mobile app or web app.


  • Client: Our own project
  • Country: Sweden
  • Live: Sweden
  • Collaboration: Innov AB, Sweden

1. Case study

There is a management system for controlling doors in real estates using IoT technology.

2. Result

Result was good. We have clients using the system now for controlling doors at real estate companies in Sweden.

3. Experience

We learned a lot of building the system about how to make it secure and using right IoT device to be able to build a robust system.

Technologies Used


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