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we have signed deals with 4 organizations and 6 companies from Sweden, Germany, Dubai, and India, while working on two of our own startups, We are even registered and currently working as technical development partners for multiple Swedish and german companies


A SAAS service for delivery and warehouse companies.


Life can be very chaotic, but it should not be. Bring order and productivity to your company with the help of TimeSheets.


  • Client: Our own project
  • Country: Germany , india
  • Collaboration: wimmer, poise labs
  • Live: View project

1. Case study

This is a CRM service that provides an end-to-end integration solution for delivery companies.

2. Result

This service can be directly integrated into the systems or can be completely be used individually by creating profiles and projects and even handling hourly payments of employees.

3. Experience

By creating a website with CRM in such short time we have gained enormous experience with efficiency and how to handle and create enormous projects in very short time while not compromising on quality.

Technologies Used


Project in high resolution

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